[RE] the latest album by Volver!

[RE] the latest album by Volver!

With a nice wordplay german Indie Band "Volver" present their second Album "Re".

Volver on Inicat!


Our friends from BerlinskiBeat are now on Inicat. Check out all of their releases and stay tuned for a new Video next week, from them on Tour on a Cruise Ship to India.

Berlinskis on Inicat...
Inicat Session Playlist

Inicat Session Playlist

We have created a playlist for you where you can watch all our live recordings of musical performances from different artists such as Maike Rosa Vogel, Mind Nine, Redlake Circus and many more!

► Go to Inicat-Playlist
Waiting Til Friday

Waiting Til Friday

We're all waiting for Friday! German rock band "Waiting Til Friday" released their EP "Sign" on inicat. Don't miss their first two Singles, free for download!

Music, Videos and more
The Happhennings

The Happhennings

Psychedelic Rock'n'Roll Vibes on Inicat from the Happhennings! Their latest Album "Psychedelic Pleasure" is now avaliable for free download.

Listen and Support The Happhennings!
Trippy Music by Annuluk

Trippy Music by Annuluk

Dive deep into a psychedelic world of sound and colours with Annuluk.

Annuluk on Inicat!
Mutz - Get Me Nutz

Mutz - Get Me Nutz

With his deep voice and „sarcastic, ruthless, shameless and pretty filthy“ but still charming style, Mutz let‘s you dive into the sphere of his catchy acoustic folk rock songs. Enjoy!

Listen to Get Me Nutz by Mutz
Hallucination Generation

Hallucination Generation

We love cats and so does Hallucination Generation! Check out their music on Inicat.

I Kissed Captain Hook

I Kissed Captain Hook

"Hardcore, Metal, Punk Rock"-Time! Let's get pumped...or punked!

Listen to Generation Smart by I Kissed Captain Hook
Redlake Circus

Redlake Circus

Redlake Circus brings some Led Zeppelin & Jimi Hendrix vibes into this groovy and powerful track they have done for the "Macheta", a talented and bizarre Sideshow performer in Berlin.

Listen to "Macheta"
  • Recommendation

    Mit einer genialen Kombination aus "Sverker" und "Gimlie" melden sich die Barden des schwarzen Raben zurück. Und die hat es in sich: archaische Töne treffen auf keltische Perkussion und gute Laune.

    10,00 €
    Skál 12 Tracks
  • Recommendation

    Mit Sign erlebt Ihr ein sehr Pop-Punk orientiertes Waiting Til Friday. Songs wie All We Got und Broken Bones lassen Einflüsse aus dem Hard Rock zu.

    5,00 €
    Sign 5 Tracks
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    What is Crowdfunding and how can I profit from it?

    · von cosmopanama · ohne Kommentare ·

    Did you know the Statue of Liberty was already Crowdfunded? More than 160.000 people helped funding the iconic New York landmark in 1885. Crowdfunding now works almost the same, but now everyone can start a Campaign and reach out to Millions of people around the world, looking for support.

    Many different kinds of Crowdfunding styles and platforms developed in the 2000s, finding ways of supporting new technology, movies, games or music. For every situation there is a fitting style of Crowdfunding, so here is an overview of the most popular ones:

    Donation-Based Crowdfunding (Crowddonation)

    • The most simple form of Crowdfunding, here the supporter donates any amount of money he wishes to the project. A return or reward does not have to be guaranteed, as this form often is used for good purposes.

    Reward-Based Crowdfunding

    • One of the most used Crowdfunding models, the projects backers get different rewards for the amount of money they give.

    Lending-Based Crowdfunding (Crowdlending)

    • Crowdlending works like a big credit paid by the users. The project backers get a return in money and often a reward for supporting the project.


    • Like in the stock market, in this form of Crowdfunding the supporters get shares of the revenue over time from the project, depending on how much they invested.

    As we're working on our own full Crowdfunding feature, we want to know from you:

    • What makes a Crowdfunding platform good in your opinion?
    • Which model is the best for musicians and artists?
    • Your experience from different Crowdfunding platforms.
    Thanks for reading and a great weekend, wishes Inicat! :)

    Your Music Everywhere!

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    It's been some time you last heard from the cats!

    Behind the scenes we're working hard, to build new features for inicat.com.

    Some of which are digital distribution for artists and an implemented crowd funding feature on our Website!

    - Digital Music Distribution

    Inicat as a distributor will allow Artists to release their music in several online stores and music streaming portals including Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. For a monthly Fee Inicat.com will Distribute your Song, Album or EP to the platforms you desire to be on.

    - Crowdfunding

    Your band wants to record a new album, but you don't have the money for equipment, a recording room and a producer? You will soon be able to crowdfund your project on Inicat.comNew ways of Crowdfunding promotion with our special social media feature and blog support, will open your way for creating new music.

    Aside from the support features that are available at the moment, this will lead the way for Artists to get direct support from your fans.

    We hope you all enjoy the new features coming soon!

    And also don't forget to support us on social media for the latest news and music!

    Instagram: inicat.music

    Facebook: inicat.music

    Youtube: inicat.music

    With ❤ Inicat

    New Stuff coming on Inicat.com!

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    We from Inicat are always looking for new ways of publishing music and presenting our Platform. There is a lot in the Pipeline for 2019, with new concepts and ideas to get more support for our Artists.

    First of, we will be starting new Inicat Sessions soon! We are having a lot of fresh Ideas that we will mix with the Concept. We're looking for spaces in Berlin right now where we can record Video and Audio, with a cool looking scenery fitting to our Artists. So stay on the look out for Announcements soon or contact the Inicat Team, if you're interested in being part of the Inicat Sessions!

    Second, we are trying to have more output and interactions on social media. This week we created an instagram account where we will share Music, Videos and News to keep you updated aside from Facebook and Inicat.com. So check out our new Account and maybe leave some likes or a follow to support us!


    Lastly we're working on a new Campaign with stickers and Flyers around Berlin so keep your eyes open for those!

    With love the Inicat Team! <3

    Maike Rosa Vogel on being a hippie

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    "Ich bin ein Hippie und ich wollte immer einer sein." - Maike Rosa Vogel

    In her song "Ich bin ein Hippie", Maike talks about being a hippie. The term 'hippie' has often been used with a negative connotation to describe others as being deluded or naive. Maike shows that being a 'hippie' can give a different perspective on one's life in regard to competitive thinking, the compulsion to work hard and the importance of money.

    Listen to and download Maike Rosa Vogel's songs here:


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