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  • Recommendation
    Recorded by Fabian Jung at Brickwork Music Berlin - 2017
    Produced by Jung & NODARLING
    Mastered by Gabriel Biuso in MARTILLO Studios - 2017 - Bs As
    all songs composed by NOdarling
    foto by LAFAKEreleased Nov , 2017
    Kike del Bianco - Vocals - Guitars & Synthesizers
    Kay Degner - Space Drums
    Pedro Strelkow - Bass & vocals
    El fulminador - Remix
    SHITFACE - Remix
    Transmisser 9 Tracks
  • Recommendation
    The extraterrestrial vocal power of Feline paired with a wonderful mixture of theatrical opulent sounds. What more could you want...
    OUT 11 Tracks

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