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    4 Minute Mile Band
    Indie 4 piece rock band to get ya dancing
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    68FL:OZ Band
    Die Leitwölfe aus OWL - deutscher Rock-Cross-Core -
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    90 Degrees Band
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    About Sparks & Ashes Band
    Rock aus Greifswald
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    Ajugafan Musiker
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    Aluminium Band
    Aluminium - das ist geradliniger Rock aus Berlin
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    Anne Ecke Band
    Rock / Berlin
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    Annuluk Band
    B*A*M - Beautiful & Massive
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    Antisoph Musiker
    Progressive/Black Metal
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    ARISING Band
    Berlin Rock
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    ASKII Musiker
    Producer, composer and DJ dedicated to Trance, EDM, Ambient and Soundtracks
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    Bambi Slaughter Band
    [looking for booking agency] Bambi Slaughter ist der Himmel bevor es regnet, die Luft bevor es kracht.