Flying Guillotines

Berlin Musiker

With frontman Marcus Engel on vocals and guitar, Jürgen Roth on guitar, Jon Mujika on bass and Guillermo Moriamez on drums, Flying Guillotines plays a modern stoner rock with clear influences of 60s proto-metal, 70s hard rock and even funky hints. After one year of composing and rehearsing around 10 songs, the self-produced Sailors Lullaby Ep came to light. Less than a month after offering the recording for free via Bandcamp, the Metal Hammer Magazine from the US asked the band to include the song Forgotten Kingdom in a Black Sabbath tribute CD called Sons of Sabbath, which was distributed on January 2014. Overwhelming guitar riffs, groovy rythm patterns and charming vocal melodies make their way through 6 powerful and invigorating songs. Flying Guillotines is a mean machine, it cuts your head off clean!!!