Neues Musikvideo "Synced Generation" OUT NOW

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Eine visuelle und klangliche Breitseite, die euch unser Bild von Digitalisierung vor Augen und Ohren führt! Viel Spaß mit unserem neuen Musikvideo zu "Synced Generation"!

In Dreams Of Reality - Synced Generation (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) Taken from the forthcoming EP "S.Y.N.C.E.D." Directed by Patrick Buchta and Felix Sattler All rights reserved Facebook: Instagram: Spotify: Twitter: Lyrics: I can no longer see these tiny screens around No matter where I go, they're facing all towards me Seems like we're lost, so I ask you to Open the gates, lead us back to the real world The embrace of the World Wound Web No coming out, no turning back A command on the wall that tells you to do What they want they make out of you For a while you were out of it all No one was left to make you crawl You are part of our generation Part of the online nation Now skip Born to an online world, we are What is our choice? It is all up to us Behind the lies, the nicknames and profiles In front of the screens our feelings will fade away Cut your links! Cut your links! For the sake of our children all of you have to open your minds now! Cut your links! Cut your links! Ask me not how we'll be finding our way back home Into the arms of reality Our souls turned to stone due to these last years But what we still have are memories inside us Do you remember still the days of our youth Open our minds, lead us back to the real world The escape of the World Wound Web The way out, I've seen an end It may seem like we'll devastate But only strain can end this pain It's the path of an iron will No turning back and pain will still accompany you every step But you will get your free will back Begin Uplink Transferring your soul to the Swarmheart A better world awaits Your body will be reborn Optimized Credits & Crew: Felix Sattler - Director & Producer Patrick Buchta - Producer, DOP & Editor Simon Schiffers - Camera Operator, Gaffer Daniel Hapke - Sound & Light Stefan Elster - Assistant Kevin Schmidgen - Assistant Stefanie Steinhorst - Assistant Steffen Schwunk - Assistant Karina Krebs - Make Up & Actor Melanie Müller - Make Up & Actor Jonas Dignaß - Actor Oliver Meister - Actor Anabel Klose - Actor Justin Jost - Actor Jessica Ihlein - Actor Written by Jan Merce & Tom Wabner Music produced by Tom Wabner