New Stuff coming on!

· by cosmopanama ·

We from Inicat are always looking for new ways of publishing music and presenting our Platform. There is a lot in the Pipeline for 2019, with new concepts and ideas to get more support for our Artists.

First of, we will be starting new Inicat Sessions soon! We are having a lot of fresh Ideas that we will mix with the Concept. We're looking for spaces in Berlin right now where we can record Video and Audio, with a cool looking scenery fitting to our Artists. So stay on the look out for Announcements soon or contact the Inicat Team, if you're interested in being part of the Inicat Sessions!

Second, we are trying to have more output and interactions on social media. This week we created an instagram account where we will share Music, Videos and News to keep you updated aside from Facebook and So check out our new Account and maybe leave some likes or a follow to support us!

Lastly we're working on a new Campaign with stickers and Flyers around Berlin so keep your eyes open for those!

With love the Inicat Team! <3


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