Celle, Germany Musiker

If you read this name in a Lineup, you got to prepare for some real action. After decades on the road, whether with band or solo and tons of gigs in pubs, clubs all over the globe, MUTZ established his very own lifestyle and way of entertainment. Sarcastic, ruthless, shameless and pretty filthy but a charming in a certain way he grants no time to rest. A nasty joke or comment follows a soft and heartbreaking song, basically reflecting the contrast of our society. You can never be aware of what is going to happen. Expect the unexpected. From a Gala, through naughty clubs, up to the big festival-stage, he finds his way to entertain and confront the audience with their deepest desires. Catchy Folk- and Rock, cover, as well as own songs that will give you Goosebumps. With a lot of heart, a distinctive voice and a guitar, he rebrands classics and gives new life to well known songs. An artist, off whom you buy every tone and follow through the history of music.