The V's

Berlin Band

The V's are an international Rock Band currently based in arguably the coolest and wildest music capital in the world - Berlin. With a powerful mix of old school up tempo riffs and new school neck braking and head banging arrangements this band brings it. Wild on stage, skilful on their instruments, tasteful on recordings. The V's thunderous, blistering guitars, bone crushing bass, pounding drums and non-stop howling, unvarnished vocals will simply blow your brains out. The Band : EzZe : Vocals - Born and bred on music in Sudamérica's unique Buenos Aires, Argentina. Roman Fleischer : Guitars - A guitar slinging music addicted caudillo also from Buenos Aires. Andy Paruschke : Bass The V's have played numerous clubs in Berlin and now are prepared and ready to conquer the stages of Europe and beyond. IT's THE V'S. THAT'S ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.