Beautiful Friend (A fine balance)
Total Play Time: 05:08

by The Lone John Harps 2018-11-02 Copyright

Home-grown is a fragmented collage of different experiences, encounters and ideas. Like a musical « Bildungsroman » it deals with the birth, childhood and coming of age of an individual walking the narrow edge between fiction and reality.

When I first started playing music, it quickly became a way to relate to a world that I didn't, and still don't, really get. There was a feeling that something was missing, something I could find within my family and a handful of friends but that by and large was gone, or had never been there. In this sense, music was as much a flight from reality as it was the only way I knew to genuinely interact with the world.

Music became a way to detach myself more or less completely from the surrounding madness, while also playing a part from afar. I wanted to disappear behind a voice carrying around, disembodied yet present.

The songs on "Home-Grown" deal with these topics: birth, death, friendship, memories, sense and senselessness.

It was recorded after a 6500 km long bicycle-trip from New York to Los Angeles.

This track is part of the album