Just like you, we are ambitious artists and musicians. We have founded INICAT to create the perfect home for all musicians. Starting with the financing up to the marketing of one's own music, a new kind of creative space emerges hand in hand with fans.

About Us

We have a dream

One that enables musicians to create music without any financial obstacles. In order to realize this dream, we are constantly developing and improving the platform.

The opportunities for artists

As a musician or label, you can easily connect with other musicians and labels via your artist page, publish your songs in the INICAT Music Store and set your own prices. It does not matter if you are an artist who wants to be as independent as possible and license your music under Creative Commons, or if you want to stick with a collecting society or have already signed with a label – INICAT does not want to dictate how you should behave and act as a musician.

The place for your loyal fans

As a fan, you can get in touch with your favorite musicians and artists, follow and comment on their latest news, and see how they grow as artists. But perhaps one of the most beautiful gestures: You can choose to pay what you think their music is worth.